Jeff Buckley – Forget Her

I went to Finland this week and genuinely got excited about the prospect of posting my Song of the Week when I got home, which helped when we landed into the rain station that was Heathrow Airport that day.

Finland was beautiful! 10 of us stayed in a summer cottage next our own private lake (which definitely did not have any dead bodies in it).
Here is a picture of me and Holly Walker being rowed into glistening water lily heaven by our friend Eva, who has a very lovely back of her head and holds ores most elegantly but with purpose.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 13.34.57

Holly and I are both smiling at the idea of seeing a beaver. We didn’t actually see a beaver.

Anyway. On holiday we did a lot of singing as we were mostly all musicians, but that didn’t stop us from sounding like absolute morons when our friend Jim got the guitar out – after Veera had got the Gin out. One of my favourite moments of the holiday was singing all of Jeff Buckley’s album Grace with Jim. We used to do that all the time when we were young and it’s something that I’ll always remember fondly well into my twilight years.

So, I’ve chosen to post Jeff Buckley – Forget Her to mix it up a bit.

For me its all about the first verse and chorus. They make me furrow my brow, put my hand on my heart and shake my head in despair. I feel it Jeff. I feel it.


Stac x

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