STAC gig news!



Hello! How are you?

I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you for supporting my PERPETUAL EP. I am a VERY grateful woman, thank you 🙂

I am also grateful to Huey Morgan who said that my music was “Deep like a threat” when he played Me and You on his 6 Music show, and then told me I was “…killing it girl” on Twitter. (If you could imagine his voice when you read those quotes I think that would be best for everyone. Also, do you like I how seamlessly got the Radio 6 play in there. You didn’t even notice. Not clunky at all…   …   …at all!)
And thank you to Julie Adenuga who gave a shout out to all the hippos when she played Hippo Love on her Beats 1 show.

There’s more gratefulness to come… My launch party sold out! This is still exciting for me to think about. So much so that Ive decided to be brave and organise another night of music that I think is going to be equally as special.

I’ve invited two of the coolest women I know, Wyles & Simpson to join me on the 6th June at The NINES Peckham. I’ve also forcibly encouraged my dear friend Jim to select some tunes for us to dance to.  He moans about my constant demands, but he loves it really. Truly.

You should come! It’s a hair’s breadth away from summer and it’s no longer acceptable to stay in, eating pizza in your pants on a Tuesday night. Sorry. You’ll just have to come see us play instead and take advantage of The NINES happy hour (until 8pm). Plus, my Dad told me to tell you that the person who tells him the funniest joke on the night wins a pint! Wehey! He’s also asked me to ask you not to mention the competition.

Looking forward to seeing you in Peckham on the 6th!

Press this to get to the tickets!

Stac x