All The Anuarys

Im a bloody T-total vegan now – well at least for January.

I’ve decided to start my year as someone else that looks just like me. I think she’s a better person and I really hope to evolve into her because she gives a shit about her health,  the world and all that populate it, and isn’t drunk.


My bezzie Abi got married in 2015 and to be honest, I’ve been drunk ever since her hen in October. That’s an exaggeration but it has felt like it at times. There’s been so much to celebrate. Christmas, Christmas being over, the new year, ALL of the summer months, birthdays, holidays (I had four last year – I couldn’t afford any of them), my friend Angel’s hen, my friend Angel’s wedding, December, Christmas, New year. All the celebrating has shrunked my brian and expanded my waistline and Im done! Im done with being a slug. I try to do Dry January every year but I went to Cuba with Debbie last year. This is where I discovered beer, for Cubans can’t do wine and the cocktails were making us quite ill.

I LOVE Peroni. I want to drink it all the time. So I did. Now Im fat.


I watched Food Inc. a few years ago and it had a massive (albeit delayed) impact on me, and now I want to opt out of the factory farming industry and see how long I can not eat cheese for.


My friend V-Ron has a brilliant blog called Wrapped In Newspaper. Its so good. It’s the reason I felt brave enough to give Veganuary a try. So occasionally, from time to time I shall post my animal free adventures here.

Here’s the maple cinnamon granola I made, stuck in a jar, took a picture of and whacked 3 filters on… I am SO 2017.


I gave myself 10/10.

Stac xx